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The forum - a starters guide

If you are new to the Nature of Dorset forum this information is intended to help you get the most from benefit from it.



To avoid spam and unwanted automated posts it is necessary to have an elementary security system that requires all contributors to the Nature of Dorset forum to 'log in'. This is, of course common practice on websites that allow user interaction. We acknowledge however, that some people will just want to post a one-off question or sighting and so rather than insist on everyone applying for log-in credentials we have created an account that anyone can use. If you feel your needs can be met by this then you can use the icon below to access the log in page and then enter:

Username: Guest (note the capital G!)

Password: abc123

If, however, you think you will be posting frequently you may prefer to have your own personal log in credentials and so you can use the icon below to access the simple log in request form and we will create an account for you. Note that this is not instantaneous but we will try and create your account within 24 hours and you will receive an email when it is done. Once you have log in details you can change your password to one you prefer rather than our system generated one.


Obviously we need point out some obvious rules as this forum may be used by people of all ages and all sensibilities!

  1. All posts and comments should be polite, tolerant and respectful
  2. No aggressive or foul words will be accepted and posts of this nature will be deleted and accounts suspended if this happens
  3. Try to post to the correct section of the forum and keep posts 'on topic'. This a forum about nature and the nature of Dorset in particular. More global environmental issues may also be discussed

We do not intend to have a complex policy on contributions, we will trust our users to keep in line with these guidelines but two further points:

  1. Any views expressed are those of the contributor and not the Nature of Dorset and the contributor is responsible for any impact their views may have on others
  2. Any answers to questions asked are given in good faith and no guarantee of accuracy can be given


Anyone can view posts and comments on the forum but only logged in users can start new posts or comment on existing ones (see above re Security). The following guidelines may be helpful in using the forum.

  1. On the forum home page you will see the four forum areas or sections (questions, sightings, news and discussion). Click/tap the forum name that you wish to view or post on
  2. The next level down displays existing topics or 'posts' within that forum. There is an add  a 'new topic' button where you can post a new entry in that forum/section.
  3. You can also click/tap a post title and you will go down a further level and see both the original post and comments that have been added to that post. At the bottom of the post there is a place where you can enter a comment of your own if you wish to.


  • Please try and avoid opening a new topic if there is already one that fits what you want to talk about.
  • Please also try and post within the correct topic area as we notify different people about posts in each section.
  • If posting an identification query please include along with as good a description as you can give when you saw it, where you saw it and any other information you can and add a photograph if you have one (this is not a photographic competition and a bad photograph is often better that none!)
  • If posting a sighting then to be included in the Nature of Dorset database we must have the species name, the place it was seen, when it was seen and the name of the person who saw it. Again, please attach a photograph if you managed to get one.
  • If posting in the news section, or the general discussion section, you can add a link to an article on a website elsewhere that you want to talk about so you do not have to give the full account in you post, just what you want to say about the article or news item


This forum is intended to be both educational and enjoyable, please use it in an appropriate manner! Thank you ...

Click/tap one of the icons below as required:

Log in to use the forum. You can use the guest log in (Username: Guest / Password: abc123) or if you wish to contribute frequently to the forum you may wish to obtain your own log in (see below)

If you wish to use the forum on a regular basis you may like to have your own log in to personalise your contributions. Use this form to request a user name and password.

Go to the forum to view posts and comments and to add your own posts and comments if logged in

If you wish to contact me privately then you can do so using this form.